Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4249: Come and kill 1!


“I’ll go back, you guard?”

Li Tianming must understand that staying here means a greater risk.

With him, there is no need to gamble on the probability of the enemy coming, just ask Yinchen.

Yin Chen told him that there are quite a few people in a certain range around here, if there is really movement in this Disordered Star Market, it is really possible to attract these people.

“I have a better way.” Li Tianming said.

“What?” Mu Qingqing frowned and asked.

“Hurry up and go back to Zero Degree Star Prison to call someone. I will guard here, guarding both the disordered neutron star and the great light.” Li Tianming said.

“Then if someone is attracted to me while I’m here, then you’ll easily lose sight of the other…” Mu Qingqing hesitated.

“You doubt my ability?” Li Tianming smiled.

“No…” Mu Qingqing lowered her head and said worriedly: “The main reason is that you are only one seniority now, not a hundred thousand years ago. Other people in this disordered world, don’t look at them in the Zero Star Prison I still have respect for you, when I came to this anti-universe battlefield, when I met you, I think everyone would get **** and want to torture you, your name will last forever.”

“I know.” Li Tianming looked out, “But, that’s what’s interesting. What’s the point of a journey without challenges? Isn’t it just a bunch of bastards? Come and kill one. “

Mu Qingqing chuckled and said, “Didn’t you emphasize that you were a young man before, why did you say that others are puppies now?”

“It’s called despising the enemy strategically and paying attention to the enemy tactically.” Li Tianming said with a smile.

“The ability to talk nonsense is top-notch.” Mu Qingqing glanced at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and then said quietly: “By the way, you actually asked me to go back to rescue soldiers? With your temper, shouldn’t you want to show off by yourself in everything? “

“Please, I really like to pretend to be aggressive, but I’m not a fool. I can directly get the resources to take off, and fools have to take risks.” Li Tianming said speechlessly.

It is a fact that he has the ‘Emperor Thief’ and others behind him now!

If you are not a rebellious child, why do you need to grit your teeth to prove yourself?

So, staying by yourself, resisting the first wave, letting her call someone, and solving the problem directly is the best way.

With resources like the Disordered Star Market, if you don’t move your own soldiers, others will!

“Okay, then I’ll go first. You have to take care of…”

Before Mu Qingqing finished speaking, Li Tianming pressed the back of her head and pushed her away, “Stop rambling, hurry up and let me go!”

“You… rude!”

She is so big and beautiful, she is speechless enough to almost fall down.

However, what can be done?

When you meet this guy, no matter how bad you are, you can only endure it.

So, she could only hold back her grievances and leave this disordered star market.

Leave Li Tianming in this empty and disorderly Star Market, looking at ‘Black Grapes’ for a while, and ‘Red Grapes’ for a while.

“Only these two grapes, one is the lifeblood of the disorderly world, and the other is the lifeblood of our Thieves Clan?”

The origin and structure of this world made Li Tianming more interested.

“When will I get rid of these pimples on my face?” Ji Ji asked in an irritable voice.

“Soon, soon.” Li Tianming said with shame.

“Tell you woman to hurry up, or I will get angry, and use this disordered neutron star to blow up your brother.” Ji Ji gritted her teeth.

“Can this explode like a disordered neutron star?” Li Tianming’s eyes lit up.

“This kind of inwardly collapsing star source, once its structure is changed and it explodes, will be more powerful than the exploding star source.” Ji Ji said hehe.

“Yes, cow.”

As Li Tianming said, he stood by the bright lights of the nascent ecology.

“So, this macro light shines like a flavor enhancer contained in the bait sprinkled into the pond by a certain existence? When the fish see the red light, it’s like smelling the fragrance, and they come clattering .”

Because of this, it is generally the newly emerging Disordered Star Ruins that shine with this great light.

Therefore, Li Tianming asked Yinchen to find a new Disordered Star Market, which would often have what he wanted, and the Disordered Neutron Star could be sent back to the Zero Degree Star Prison, which can be described as the best of both worlds.

“As long as these macro lights are immature within a short period of time, it’s enough for Qingqing to bring people over.” Li Tianming murmured.

As soon as the words fell, one of the ‘red grapes’ in front of me suddenly trembled, and then, a dazzling red light suddenly burst out, rushed out of the black cave, and shone into the sky of the anti-universe battlefield!

This picture looks like a certain existence threw a handful of bait into the fish pond!

“This movement is quite loud.”

Li Tianming felt like a crow’s mouth, just said that, he really matured!

“Fortunately, only one has matured, and the movement is not too big.” Yinghuo said looking at the penetrating red light in the sky.

As soon as its voice fell, the second, third, and fourth Hongguang lights up, all lit up!

It’s all starting to mature!

“You are also a crow’s mouth!” Meow laughed loudly, and then looked out, “It’s best not to mature all together, or the movement will be really big.”

The moment it just finished speaking, all the red grapes in front of it began to glow.

“I rely on Meow.” Meow was dumbfounded.

It’s all lit up!

With a bang, a beam of red light shot out from the disorderly star market, rushing towards the sky, which was extremely dazzling in the sky.

Under this beam of light, Li Tianming’s face was full of red light.

“Made, this is difficult!”

Now it belongs to the stage of maturing, and they will pop out later!

Li Tianming could only let Lanhuang come out, and let him use the nine layers of Kuihai in his belly to block the light that exploded outwards, and at the same time block the route of these macroscopic lights shining out.

Even so, the bright light just now probably shocked many people!

“Already, someone is here.”

Less than a quarter of an hour has Chen has already reminded, which means that there are people nearby.

“Got it.”

Li Tianming asked Lan Huang and Ji Ji to stay here, and he took the other companion beasts out of the cave, suspended on the black vortex, and waited in the direction Yinchen pointed!

Not long after, orange-red smoke rolled up in the distance!

Looking around, Li Tianming saw a Zhoushen team of about a thousand people coming from that direction!

Thousands of Eternal Gods all started with a body of a thousand-meter Eternal God, and the tallest one was a female Eternal God wearing a fiery red battle dress. She had a body of a ten-thousand-meter Eternal God. With slender legs and flying long hair, you can feel her hotness and arrogance from a distance.

The skin that was not covered by the battle skirt was snow-white and fluorescent, like translucent white jade, with a radiant divine radiance that gripped people’s hearts.


This group of Eternal Gods is obviously a small army. They came through the sky, and many Eternal Gods looked excited!


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