All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5179: The person who was borrowed (eighty)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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However, except in that fairy world, they couldn’t use magic or spiritual power, so they couldn’t do anything to her.

What’s even more frightening is that in that fairy world, after they saw Yun Qianyan take action, they were even more sure that with their little strength, it was still impossible to deal with her.

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. Lan Yuan, who always considered himself smart, felt powerless when Qianyan took away important rewards in front of him again and again. The killing intent this time was fierce. If Qian Yan had not completed his obsession to support the world, the world would soon be shattered. Lan Yuan and the others would probably have told him directly here. Even so, the group of them was in a very embarrassed state, and each of them suffered serious injuries. Wu Cancan was not injured. She had exchanged fate with Qian Yan and could sense something. When everyone proposed to put out the fire, she felt a little uneasy, so she lagged half a step behind in everything she did and looked very clumsy. When several people poured water on them, triggering their murderous intention to escape, she also ran. Shelooked very embarrassed, but in fact she was not hurt at all. Lan Jia doesn’t let Lan Yuan do rough work like splashing water, so as not to tire him out. But Lan Yuan himself is a strong person, and he finally grasped the clues. He wanted to get the things himself, so it was a tragedy. After escaping from death, they didn’t have time to think too much. They felt that their surroundings were shattering. They quickly held each other’s hands and waited for the next world to arrive. Qianyan is also waiting for the next world with the newly acquired fragments. Now she has got four fragments in total, and she doesn’t know how many there are in total. Next, Qianyan experienced the apocalypse and the interstellar world one after another. He spent a lot of effort to find clues, fulfill his obsession as the world’s supporter, and successfully obtained two fragments again. There are six fragments in total. Finally arrived in a new environment. When Qianyan could see her surroundings clearly, she found that she was in a confined space. When she noticed that the surroundings were quiet and there was no one at all, she stretched out her hand and pushed. The surroundings became slightly brighter and she stood up. She lowered her head and looked around, only to realize that she was inside a sarcophagus. Then she started to look at her clothes. She was wearing red makeup and looked like an ancient wedding dress. If she didn’t deliberately look for her, then she could feel that this body was a little stiff, but not much, and the skin was very elastic to the touch. The strength of the body is quite high. “Yun Qianyan, what are you this time?” Jiang Xinghuai’s voice sounded, “It smells a bit like a zombie, but the taste is not too pure. A mixed-race zombie?”Qianyan stepped out of the sarcophagus and found no mirror in the room. She took one from the system space and observed the figure in the mirror. “As you said, it may be an impure zombie, a hybrid.”Jiang Xinghuai: “From the appearance point of view, your face is very oriental, a little bit None of them are mixed blood.” “Well, just kidding, can you tell what kind of power it is mixed with?” He quickly added. Qian Yan didn’t care about Jiang Xinghuai’s joke and cut her finger slightly with the giant sword. Dark blood came out. She sniffed it gently and said, “If what I expected is right, it should be He got mixed up with the Western vampires.” “It’s very likely that he was bitten by the Western vampires first, but he didn’t immediately become a vampire. Find Shuyuan and he was immediately buried as a zombie. The area formed eventually turned into a hybrid zombie.”

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

[It’s so complicated, but I understand it. 】

【Shocked, can this be done? 】

[I don’t know what secrets are waiting for the host this time. 】

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. [Lan Yuan and the others are probably still recovering from their injuries, hahaha. I’m so lucky that I didn’t get burned to death. 】This place is relatively empty, and the surrounding area has been cleaned cleanly. It can be seen that people come here from time to time, and the house is filled with flowers. It can be seen from here that the people who manage this place are quite concerned about this zombie-blood mixed-race bride. Qian Yan is looking for clues there, and Lan Yuan and others have also arrived in a new world. They are currently in a forest, and it seems to be very late. They were still injured. Fortunately, they brought out some medicine in the world of Xianxia, ​​and now they can use medicine to heal their injuries. None of them look very good-looking. I always feel like this time it won’t go well either. [The next page cannot be automatically loaded in reading mode, please click on the next page to read. 】【】


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