All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4640: The Young Queen Mother (4)


Latest website: As for how much affection he has for his father, the old emperor, it is difficult to say.

Qian Yan swept through the crowd with his consciousness and saw a familiar person, who was Emperor Chu Mochen’s brother-in-law, Prince Rong Chu Linyuan.

According to Yu Yueqiang’s memory, Chu Mochen’s relationship with the old emperor was more of a monarch and a minister, but he had a closer relationship with the more laid-back Prince Rong. The two are almost a few years apart and grew up together when they were young, so it’s no surprise that they have a good relationship.

Rong Wang is the younger brother of the old emperor’s mother, and the relationship between the two brothers is not bad. Moreover, Rong Wang only cares about the mountains and rivers, not the throne. In the past, he helped the old emperor deal with many secret matters, so he can be regarded as a handful for others. The invisible sword was trusted by the old emperor. Therefore, the old emperor probably hoped that the relationship between Chu Mochen and Prince Rong would be better.

After the old emperor entered the imperial mausoleum, everyone dispersed. Qianyan was about to step onto the carriage belonging to the Queen Mother when Chu Mochen suddenly walked over and blocked the light from her eyes.

This kind of stance is very domineering, declaring that he is the master of the world, and also telling her that the Queen Mother is the biggest and wants whatever she wants, which may include her.

Chu Mochen did treat Yu Yueqiang like this once.

He is a little wolf cub.

But now it’s her. As long as the little wolf dares to show his teeth, she can pull them out with her bare hands.

“My condolences, Mother.” Chu Moshen said softly, staring straight at Qian Yan’s face, “Mother, please get on the carriage, it’s time to return to the palace. Mother, there is no need to worry, from now on, the sons and ministers will take the place of their father. The emperor takes good care of his mother.”

Qian Yan raised her eyes slightly and glanced at him: “The emperor is interested.” After that, she gently raised her hand, so Chu Morchen stretched out his hand and let her ride on the carriage, as if letting him The appearance of filial piety.

Chu Mochen was indeed stunned, then his eyes raised, the corners of his lips curved, and he raised his hand.

Qian Yan put his arm on Chu Mochen’s arm like an eunuch’s, and climbed into the carriage without looking back.

When the carriage curtain was lowered, she saw Chu Mochen’s pair of eyes full of meaning, and she looked into them without fear.

“Mother, please accompany me. I’m afraid you won’t be able to figure it out.” Before anyone could refuse, Chu Mochen had already gotten into the carriage.

It can be said to be courageous.

However, Chu Mochen is very courageous. His power is stable and no one dares to get into trouble. Moreover, they have found a good excuse for fear that the Queen Mother will commit suicide. If anyone dares to doubt, Chu Mochen can use an excuse to punish him.

Another point is that the empress dowager Yu Yueqiang has no background. She is an orphan brought back from the wilderness by the previous emperor. Who would offend a new emperor who has gathered power for her?

The old emperor had been seriously ill for two years before his death. He was basically bedridden. He was occasionally carried out to bask in the sun, and he was always in the annex. In the past two years, the prince had been supervising the country. Chu Mochen was not a waste, on the contrary, he was very smart. At that time, the emperor had to accept his fate and grow old. It would be easy for him to regain power.

After getting into the carriage, Chu Mochen originally thought he would see a frightened little white rabbit, but unexpectedly Qianyan only glanced at him lightly.

She casually picked up a scripture and handed it to Chu Mochen: “It’s rare that the emperor cares so much about the Ai family. The Ai family has been really sad recently, feeling restless, and has bad emperor is not as good as Please help the Ai family read scriptures.”

Chu Mochen was caught off guard and was stuffed with a hand of scriptures, and was stunned again.

He frowned, flipped through the scriptures, and looked at Qian Yan inadvertently. He couldn’t see anything unusual. The young queen mother had already closed her eyes on her forehead, and she seemed really tired.

Chu Mo became interested and began to read the scriptures.

On the way to the palace, Chu Mochen was infected by the contents of the scriptures, and became a little more reticent.

But after he closed the book and saw that face, he became more interested. No matter how she wanted to play, she would just play with him.

Born to be a queen, a woman who can continue the Chu family for three hundred years, he can naturally have it as an emperor.

Even if my father is about to die, he still wants to canonize such a woman to himself. It seems that he is still a little unwilling.

It’s a pity that if it doesn’t work, it won’t work. Once it is canonized, it can only be watched as a decoration. (End of chapter)


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