All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4639: The Young Queen Mother (3)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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Qian Yan opened her eyes and was on the mourning hall road. She glanced around without leaving any trace, and then looked at the clothes she was wearing.

The only thing that would allow her to kneel down was the funeral of the old emperor.

The old emperor died just after arriving, which was a good sign.

Not only did she think this in her heart, she also said to the woman in gorgeous clothes in the wishing space: “The time is stuck very well. The old emperor died just after arriving, which is a good sign.”

The woman in gorgeous clothes who originally felt a touch of sadness in her heart after recalling all the past events also paused, all the sadness was swept away, and she replied to Qian Yan with a smile: “It is indeed a good sign, your trip will definitely go smoothly.” .”

“Xiao Liuzi, take out all your modern goodies. Miss Yu is a modern person and should like those.” Qian Yan said casually. She has read Yu Yueqiang’s memories, and she has not yet been assimilated in that environment. It can be said that her character is very firm, but it is a pity that she is not lucky. In the end, the other party caused him a severe stomach disease and died. He was really the only one

A feasible dead end.

Not to mention letting her return to modern times, as long as she is given some freedom, she may not be able to carve out her own world in Qian Country.

It was a pity that she was met by the old emperor as soon as she traveled to the Qian Kingdom, and was assigned the name of the natural queen by the imperial advisor beside the old emperor. She could continue the Chu dynasty for 300 people, and she was destined to have a shackles on her body.

The name of the natural queen?

For the Chu dynasty to continue for three hundred years?

She just scanned this body. There are no contracts or restrictions, and Yu Yueqiang’s luck is not very strong. Besides, wanting to continue a dynasty’s fortune for three hundred years is not a piece of cake.

Whether the Imperial Master miscalculated or made this up, or whether there is something hidden in it, remains to be investigated. In the wishing space, System 666 was stunned for a moment when he was suddenly called Xiao Liuzi. Then he agreed and went to look through his treasure box with his chubby body. After a while, he found baskets of modern items and dragged them to Yu Yueqiang

in front of.

As Yu Yueqiang looked at the long-lost electronic products, her eyes still turned red uncontrollably. [There are many click-and-click games here, as well as various TV series and movies. These were downloaded by me to kill time when the host was in the modern world. You can watch them first. I’ll contact my little brother H121 and have a look

What plane is he in now? If it’s the same plane, I can connect to him and use his space-time company’s network to play games with you. ] System 666 said with some air.

Every time he arrived in a new world, he would try to contact H121 and inquire about the situation of his host Shao Ran. I heard that Shao Ran now lets himself go when doing tasks. H121 is considered a good man’s system. After meeting his host, Shao Ran realized that sometimes tasks don’t need to be completed as they appear on the surface. Many characters

It can depend on the situation, instead of actually going to the small world to get married every time.

After realizing this, Shao Ran not only completed the task quickly, but also received a high completion score.

Occasionally H121 will help Shao Ran ask his host some questions. In short, the two can be regarded as friends of him and his host.

It’s a pity that time and space are endless, and they can only communicate through distance, making it difficult to see each other again.

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

Speaking of traveling through so many worlds, H121 was the first and only system friend he made.

I wonder if I will be able to meet new friends in the future.

While System 666 was contacting H121, Yu Yueqiang picked up a tablet and fumbled to turn it on.

After many years, she finally touched something familiar again. She smiled and cried.

Qianyan’s place is relatively simple for the time being. She just figured out the timeline. Today is the day of the old emperor’s funeral.

Not long after she was in the mourning hall, she followed everyone to send the old emperor to the imperial mausoleum.

The person at the front was naturally the new emperor Chu Mochen who had just ascended the throne. At this time, his expressionless face was still expressionless. Most people would not dare to look at the emperor’s face casually. Chu Mochen probably had the same idea, so he did not pretend to be sad and cry. He was not a person with such an emotional personality.

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