All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4638: The Young Queen Mother (2)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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“It is not difficult to find the next suitable place to set up the formation. It is just a matter of time. But for me, once the purpose is exposed, it is impossible to study the place to set up the formation. Chu Mochen knows that I want to go back, and he will not Give me another chance.”

“Sure enough, in the days to come, I can no longer leave the door.” “Everyone around me was replaced by his people. Those palace people only knew how to do things and never spoke to me. Later I found out that they They are all mute. There are so many mutes in the world. They were just sent away after Chu Mochen cut out their tongues

Come to me. “Of course I resent Qian Ying. If she hadn’t been dragging her feet at home at the critical moment because she couldn’t bear to leave her husband and children, and King Rong noticed something was wrong, my way home would not have been ruined.” King Rong belongs to Chu Mochen

Brother-in-law, the relationship between uncle and nephew is very good. “Qian Ying, like me, is also a time traveler. She is from a similar era to me.” The difference is that I traveled through the world before her, while she traveled through the soul and has an identity here. According to her, she traveled back in time after a car accident, and she once had a dream about her lying in the hospital. It was also because of this dream that Qian Ying and I expressed our desire to go back after we met. She said that she still has many relatives and cares about her in that world

People must go back. ”

“I believe it.” “She really wanted to go back, but she couldn’t bear to leave her husband and children here. It’s normal for her to hesitate. But she implicated me, which made my hard work go to waste and made me lose my life.” I lost hope, so I blame her in my heart

. ”

“I want to go back, and I want to torture Chu Mochen before I go back.” “I want the adults to tell Qian Ying about going back and ask her if she is going back. If she goes back, she must be let go. Her husband and son must be in pain. Her body in the modern world is still lying on the hospital bed. Maybe there is some damage. Even if there is no damage, it is a pain to never see the person she loves and her children again. It is best to Adults can do something to make her have related dreams from time to time, and don’t let her live too comfortably. If she chooses

It would not be a good thing for Qian Ying if the adult managed to go back without going back. “First of all, if there is still a lifetime between her and King Rong, how can she not have conflicts and be homesick?” She will definitely feel pain and unwillingness in her heart. Secondly, she comes from the same era as me. When the time comes, the adults will go back

, she still keeps it, Chu Mochen must let her find a way back. A happy smile appeared on the face of the woman in gorgeous clothes: “Maybe the uncle and nephew will have a falling out because of Qian Ying. It would be better if we could see them falling out.” But rather than watching their farce, I still want the adults to go back for me.

Take my body back to the era it belongs to. My heart is in my hometown, and my body should also go back to my hometown. “Chu Mochen is mostly possessive of me, and wants me to conquer the world. The Imperial Master has ordered me to continue the Chu dynasty for three hundred years. The old emperor also told him.” This person is ambitious and has countless ambitions, and he will never do it

I would rather escape from his grasp. ”

This is not difficult for Qian Yan, she responded: “Okay, I will help you.”

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

“Thank you, sir.” The woman in gorgeous clothes finally showed a relaxed smile. While queuing outside, she heard a lot about the wishing space. For this adult, her matter shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

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