All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3903: People around me have become strange (17)


, the whole plane begged the villain heroine to be an individual

Don’t look at their second young master who doesn’t like to talk, their skills are good, let alone Miss Lin is a girl, even if there are a few strong men, they may not be the second young master’s opponent.

With his back to Qianyan, Lu Jinghuai was drawing a picture.

He has hair that is not too short and is dyed, only a few strands of hair are slightly blue at the ends.

He was dressed casually, and he was painting with concentration.

The person in the painting turned out to be Lu Jingchen, and it was almost finished, except for the eyes.

Qianyan didn’t bother her, and stood there waiting.

The audience in the live broadcast room now knew Lu Jinghuai’s name, and they were complaining about whether Qianyan knew about it or not.

Qianyan only glanced at it and didn’t pay much attention to it.

She was more curious about what Lu Jinghuai would say next.

After another ten minutes, Lu Jinghuai’s painting was completed. He turned his head to Qianyan, his expression unchanged, glanced at the painting, and asked in a low voice, “Like?”

[After brother 6 said what Lu Jinghuai did, I was a little scared when I heard the tone. 】

[It really looks like a pervert. 】

[It’s a sick girl. 】

[Don’t be afraid, this is the familiar Yin’er and Assistant Shen, the man named Huai. Even if she is perverted and coquettish, she is always obedient in front of the host. 】

[Yes, I’m not afraid. 】

Lu Jinghuai looked directly into Qianyan’s eyes, and Qianyan did not avoid it.

“Not like.” Qianyan said.

Lu Jinghuai’s eyelashes trembled slightly: “Yes.”

Immediately afterwards, he took out another painting and handed it to Qianyan: “Like?”

This is Wei Jiazhao’s portrait.

Qianyan replied: “It’s not like.”

Lu Jinghuai’s eyes lit up, put this painting aside, and took out another one. This time it was a portrait of the whole Yun family, except for her.

Lu Jinghuai hesitated for a moment, but finally asked: “Like?”

“Not like.”

The studio became quiet again, Lu Jinghuai looked at Qianyan who was standing there quietly, and followed in silence.

“What are you doing here?” Lu Jinghuai finally asked. It’s not that he can’t speak, but he doesn’t want to.

If the eldest brother knows that he talks so much today, he will definitely be surprised.

“Let’s see what Lu Ershao has plans.” Qian Yan said it very directly. She dared to say this boldly because she was sure that there was no surveillance in the studio.

Second Young Master Lu, who can kill the fake Lu Jingchen, has his own abilities, so he probably won’t allow anyone to monitor his every move.

He was sure that there was something wrong with Lu Jingchen and Wei Jiazhao, he should be familiar with them.

He obviously hesitated a lot when he took out the portrait of the Yun family, and it should be confirmed by her. Lu Jinghuai saw that the Yun family was normal, but it was just a few face-to-face meetings.

If she doesn’t show up, that portrait probably won’t show up either.

“No plan.” Lu Jinghuai said, rubbing his head, “I think about it every day.”

He couldn’t think of any way, and he couldn’t see any flaws. He only knew that the person who lived in the same villa with him every day was not the familiar elder brother.

He didn’t dare to act rashly, especially when he found out that the other party had accomplices.

“There is the worst way…” Lu Jinghuai looked into Qianyan’s eyes, “But it is very risky, and it is very likely that it will not succeed.”

“That’s what I originally planned.”

“There is no other way, let them disappear.”

“If you want, we can cooperate.” Lu Jinghuai looked forward to Qianyan a little more, “Trick them together…”

[Poisoned to death, right? 】

[So ruthless. 】

“No, I have a solution.” After Qian Yan finished speaking, Lu Jinghuai’s eyes seemed to be glued to her body.

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