Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 1: Rebirth

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Yu Guo, Ling Family, Cangyun Town, passing the sky.

It took Ling Han ten full seconds to finally be sure that he was indeed reincarnated.

For a strong Heaven Tier, it takes ten seconds to affirm something. This is absolutely incredible, but it also proves how incredible what happened to him.

He from the previous life stood at the peak of martial arts, and he had unprecedented achievements on Dandao. The pioneering technique of “Three Fires” triggered a revolution in the alchemy world and was respected as “Dan Emperor”.

But he is not satisfied, and he wants to take it one step further to reach the legendary Shattering Void Tier, broken void, and vanity becoming a god. To this end, he visited countless monuments, and finally entered the Black Blood Valley, after many dangers, he found a mysterious ancient tower.

He did not disappoint him. The golden text appeared on the ancient pagoda, but it was a supreme exercise called “Unbreakable Heaven Scroll“. When he reached the highest level, his body would not be immortal. Sun and moon live together!

Despite the fact that Ling Han Heaven Tier ’s martial arts practiced, I still find this “Undying Heaven Scroll” obscure, as if reading a divine book, with no clue at all.

He forcibly jotted down the exercise. When he was about to study the ancient pagoda, the ancient pagoda was lightly vibrating, releasing an infinite amount of divine light, and instantly shattered his flesh. But the weird thing is that his soul did not dissipate, falling into a state of awakening, not awakening, and dreaming, which has lasted tens of thousands of years.

During these 10,000 years, his soul has been trying to figure out the immortal Heaven Scroll-he ca n’t do anything else except this. After 10,000 years, he finally realized the first level of this exercise.

It took 10,000 years for a strong Heaven Tier to understand the first realm of a practice. What is this concept?

Know that the strongest Heaven Tier is generally Shou Yuan, which is less than a thousand years old. Normally, no one in the world can cultivate this immortal Heaven Scroll, because it is dead before it even starts.

But Ling Han mastered the first layer of “Indestructible Heaven Scroll” in this weird way, and then he suddenly came alive, reincarnated in a 16-year-old boy named Ling Han Body.


“No matter what is going on, in short I am alive again!”

“Although this body is only the second level of cultivation, the waste material can no longer be scrapped, but I used to be a strong Heaven Tier, standing on the top of martial arts, and also a master of Dao Dao, with poor qualifications To make up with Elixir, you ca n’t go back to the top if you do n’t believe it. ”

“And, I can finally practice Heaven Scroll immortal. This is a supreme exercise, even … maybe not from the realm, but from the legendary **** realm, otherwise how could it take 10,000 years. Understand the first power method? “

“In this life, I will be able to surpass the predecessors and achieve the **** position!”

“Also, what is going on with this body, and I only practiced to the second level of body training when I was sixteen, is it because the martial arts are too withering now?”

Boom, countless memories poured into my mind. This is the memory of another Ling Han, the original owner of this body, and in the process, two completely different people also merged together, regardless of each other.

“I understand.”

Ling Han nodded in his heart. The reason why he is now the second layer of physical training is because his spiritual roots are too bad.

If you want to practice as a warrior, there is a prerequisite for it to be a spiritual root. With the spirit root, one can absorb the spirits between heaven and earth, refine one’s own body, and transform it into one’s own origin force.

Some roots absorb the aura quickly, while others are slow, so the roots are divided into four major grades: Heaven, Earth, Xuanhuang, and each major grade is divided into three grades: upper, middle, and lower. Good, yellow-grade inferior products are the worst.

The key to judging the superiority and inferiority of the spirit root is purity. The purer the better, but Linghan ’s spirit root is a combination of five elements and the most chaotic. In the martial arts world, this is the worst spirit root. The lower grades of Huang class can only be said to be reluctant, so at the age of 16, he only cultivated to the second level of the body, and how can his peers reach the fourth and fifth levels of the body.

Ling Han in the previous life was the celestial root, and it was still the top-grade Jiuyang fire spirit root, plus the unparalleled talent of Dandao, with Danfuwu, it only took two hundred years. Reached Heaven Tier, this is the record of the unprecedented.

“Five Elements Miscellaneous Roots, this is the lowest level of spiritual roots. No wonder the predecessor, despite his incomparable efforts, has only two levels of physical training.”

“As far as I am concerned, the Wuxing Zaling root is a bit tricky, but supplemented with immortality medicine, I will certainly be able to return to the peak for up to 400 years!”


Ling Han exclaimed in his heart, showing an unbelievable shocked expression on his face. He froze for a while, and revisited his spiritual roots at Dantian with strong soul power. The shocked expression suddenly became ecstatic.

“This is not a five-element spirit root. Five elements are perfectly balanced to form a Taolian lotus! This is a five-element chaotic lotus. The best among the best is rarer than the Jiuyang fire spirit root and can be called a god-level spirit root. ! “

“The predecessor practiced slowly because the god-level spirit roots needed special exercises to exert their true power.”

“And I … have mastered the Five Elements Tianji Gong that matches the Five Elements Chaos Lotus!”

“One hundred years! No, it only takes fifty years before I can reach Heaven Tier again!”

Rao Yilin ’s previous life Heaven Tier ’s cultivation practices could not help but reveal a happy look, Linggen was doomed to be unable to change the day after tomorrow. In order to break the virtual becoming a god, he visited countless monuments in the past life and got a lot of exercises secret technique, Wuxing Tianjigong is one of them.

In the previous life, he stood at the pinnacle of martial arts. In this life, he will create greater glories and create immortal myths.

“How did the predecessor die?”

Ling Hanfan picked up the memory, and soon he showed his anger.

The predecessor was the only son of Ling Dongxing, the head of the Ling family. His mother, grandpa and grandpa passed away early. The Ling family is a family of martial arts. Every tribe practices martial arts and respects martial arts. What can Ling Dong do as the head of the family? It is his strongest strength, hit.

Because of Ling Ling’s problems, Ling Han was regarded as a waste material since childhood, and his eyes were eaten up.

In order to give his son a bright future, Ling Dongxing and Huyang College reached an agreement-Huyang College will recruit Ling Han to become a disciple and cultivate it fully, and in exchange, Ling Dongxing will enter Ziguang Digu, looking for something that was lost a long time ago for Huyang College.

The Huyang College was established by the Yu Kingdom dynasty, and has countless resources. If it is fully cultivated, it will be able to promote people who have no waste materials to the Juyuan.

But people at Huyang College ca n’t be idiots. If that thing is good, how can it be so good?

Ziguang Digu is a dangerous place, and you may be killed if you take the wrong step, but for her son, Ling Dongxing set off without any recklessness seven days ago.

Yesterday, the people from Huyang College came and informed the Ling family that they would pick up people according to the agreement today. But at this time, Ling Zhongkuan, the deacon of the Ling family, ran over to discuss with his predecessor, asking him to give up this precious quota to his grandson Ling Muyun.

The reason is that Ling Muyun is a genius and has a promising future. Such an opportunity cannot be wasted for a waste material.

The predecessor will naturally not agree, this is an opportunity for his father’s life in exchange! But Ling Chongkuan said that it was a discussion, but in fact it was just a notification to the predecessor, and he didn’t take his opinion seriously at all.

The predecessor could not bear to shoot, but Ling Zhongkuan is a strong man in Juyuan Realm. He can suppress him with one finger. Is he an opponent?

It was just a punch, his predecessor was seriously injured, and then he was locked in his room, apparently not wanting him to make trouble in front of the people at Huyang College. By the time Ling Dongxing came back, it was a boat.

And the predecessor of the heavy hit was so angry and dead.

Ling Han snorted, it was really deceiving, and his father’s life was exchanged for the quota, was actually taken away by Ling Zhongkuan’s grandson?

This shameless dog thing!


He got up from the bed and suddenly felt sore all over his body-he was alive, but his injuries did not get better.

“Well? Linggen is still traumatized!” Ling Han frowned, Ling Zhongkuan’s blow caused damage to his Linggen, and Linggen was injured. This is a very troublesome thing, ordinary Is invalid.

“As far as I know, there are seven kinds of elixirs that can repair the spirit roots, but the four required materials are too expensive, that is, the entire Ling family ca n’t be sold-and my spirit roots are also It ’s just lightly wounded and does n’t need such a high grade panacea. ”

“The remaining three types, two of which need to be refined into a pill. I am too reluctant to practice the second layer of body refining. Then there is only one choice-Yuanxin Fulingsan, only the medicinal materials Proportionately proportioned and boiled into medicine juice. “

“First heal the wound, and then stop Grandpa Ling Chongkuan. Although I am not a rare place, I must not let my father get a chance for the cheap grandpa!”

He sat down cross-legged and started running “Heaven Scroll“.

This is the first time he may have operated this kind of skill, but because it has been figured out for tens of thousands of years, it is also extremely easy to control now. Buzzing, his body suddenly developed a strong vitality, origin force was consumed a lot, but the injury was quickly recovered.

In just a few minutes, he was completely injured.

“It ’s worthy of Heaven Scroll, I ’ve just started to practice and have such a wonderful effect. It ’s just that it is completely different from other exercises. The normal exercise is to use spirit roots to transform heaven, earth, and aura into origin force, but not to destroy Heaven Scroll. origin force will temper the body and heal the wound. “

“After reaching the highest level, it ’s not impossible to be immortal.”

“So it can be called Heaven Scroll!”

“Unfortunately, the current level is not enough, otherwise I will be able to repair the spirit roots with the immortal Heaven Scroll.”

Ling Han opened his eyes, looked at the whiter sky outside the window, and muttered: “Now, it’s time to go to Ling Zhongkuan’s shameless old goods and give him a surprise.”

He put on his shoes, walked to the door, and opened.

A tall figure appeared at the door immediately to block his path. This person is called Zhang Yuan, and he is one of Ling Zhongkuan’s stooges.

“Master Han, the deacon ordered, you have to stay in the room today!” Zhang Yuan laughed, the opposite person, although he is the son of the owner, is a well-known waste material, in his eyes is a joke.

Ling Han looked cold, and said, “Dare you stop me?”

It’s you who is blocking you, the deacon said, don’t let Ling Han make trouble today, just hit a meal when necessary! Zhang Yuanpi said with a smile, “This is the order of the deacon. Please also ask Master Han to stop embarrassing me.”

Ling Chongkuan is really cautious. He was still uneasy when he was seriously injured. He also sent people to guard the gate, and this can also be seen how important it is for Ling Chongkuan to let Sunzi enter Huyang College—— But when this hope was shattered, Ling Zhongkuan’s disappointment and annoyance could be imagined.

“Go away!” Ling Feng coldly said.

“Master Han, this is big-“


Ling Han raised his hand and slapped in the face, said coldly: “What are you, do you want to roll?”

What, I was slapped by a waste material? Zhang Yuan caressed his face in disbelief. This waste material dared to shoot him and hit him. What kind of joke?

He was furious and thought of Ling Zhongkuan ’s words before, he could do it when necessary, and he could not help but be guilty, and said sensibly: “Master Han, this is what you force me to–“


Ling Han waved his hand again, and slapped him firmly.


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